Plutopia Interview: Douglas Rushkoff

January 27, 2011

Doug Rushkoff

Doug Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff is an author, speaker, documentarian, media theorist and culture hacker whose most recent book, Program or Be Programmed, about how our technology works, and how our technology works on us. (See my outline of the original “program or be programmed” talk here.) In this recent discussion, we picked up on Doug’s energy and his passion about potential solutions to the 21st century human predicament, about which he said “the real world is crumbling behind these beautiful Google interfaces.”

In this talk, we ask Douglas about his position that there are two economies: one real, one speculative. How can we incrementally restore the workings of a real economy? Says Rushkoff, “1I don’t see the speculative investment economy as supportive of the real economy, but rather as extractive of it.”

Most people feel we don’t really do anything productive. We’re sitting in cublicles, getting paid, within a corporate structure – but are you producing value? Or is the flow of money abstracted from real value and less productive of it? “If you just know how to find water, you’ll be valuable after the apocalypse. But most of us don’t have those kinds of skills.”

Photo by Paul May, April 2, 2009. Published with a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.

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